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Sunday - April 20, 2014 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
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From our World Famous Opinions Page, the Article Of The Minute is:
DXCC 2000 - An Accomplishment?? - Hams on the HF bands have always been interested in DX. 'DX' means 'far away'. Back in the 'old days' (a long time ago), it was a magic trick to communicate by radio across the United States. Back then, hams built most, if not all, of their own equipment. (more)
From our Links Database, which contains only 13 links (good ham web sites are extremely hard to find):
DX-Central Dot Com - DX Central is the definitive source for DX information on the web. A real time DX Cluster interface allows users to send and receive DX spots and search a DX spot database. DX bulletins, DX news, and much more. Excellent site design and a multitude of functions that any DX'er will find very useful.
There are more than 74,665 pages on this web site. Please don't view them all in one sitting. You'll get a headache.


Search KH2D's Online Logs
Log Guam Florida
Browse KH2D's Florida Log
Logs from 1985 to 2014 are online. Print your own eQSL!
Date GMT Call Freq Mode RST Sent RST Rcvd
27-Jun-1999 08:23 W0CQC 14.02500 CW 599 599
27-Jun-1999 08:25 K0MF 14.02500 CW 599 599
27-Jun-1999 08:26 N3SD 14.02500 CW 599 599
27-Jun-1999 08:27 N0HP 14.02500 CW 599 599
27-Jun-1999 08:28 W4SHL 14.02500 CW 599 599
27-Jun-1999 08:29 KL7G 14.02500 CW 599 599
27-Jun-1999 08:29 NH7Y 14.02500 CW 599 599
27-Jun-1999 08:37 W7MR 14.20000 SSB 59 59
27-Jun-1999 08:38 NF5W 14.20000 SSB 59 59
27-Jun-1999 08:41 K6NX 14.20000 SSB 59 59
27-Jun-1999 08:43 W5MRC 14.20000 SSB 59 59
27-Jun-1999 08:46 K5RN 14.20000 SSB 59 59
27-Jun-1999 08:49 WB2QLP 14.20000 SSB 59 59
Read about Contesting Island Style or visit KH2D's Contest Awards Gallery.
The DX Cluster
Have you ever worked NOTHING, VIDEO, LOONEY, BAKE, or JAFISHBOAT? Keep watching spots from these fat fingered air headed monkeys and maybe some day you will...
Browse KH2D's Guam Log
From the DX Cluster Monkeys - DX you'll never work:
DX de IK2GSO 50000.0 QAUDIOFM 46460 @105 0717Z
DX de VK3SIX 50000.0 BYTV 49.74/75/76 QTF 300 LOUD in QF 0810Z
DX de W1CKA 28421.7 WAR museum airplanes 1232Z
DX de OH5KAY 21020.6 OQOLEF 1335Z
DX de DL9CU 14260.0 SH/QSL wa4vva 1929Z
DX de PT2GE 50048.5 TROA/B 559 in GH64 2303Z
DX de JA3RGU 21244.0 QRZ eu and Ja! 1042Z
DX de IK8DYD 50100.0 ALGERIAN police FM Mode full scale 1124Z
DX de OM3PC 101000.0 LID OF course.....hi 1601Z
DX de F8BBL 50000.0 LU/F QRV but Black out today from S 1830Z
DX de EA1PO 3713.0 EAVARIOS QSO_tecnico 1853Z
DX de PA0TAU 50000.0 COGNAC test 2042Z
DX de DL5WG 21265.0 ASK 5n6eam abt 80m pse 2123Z
DX de K3OO 21257.0 21257DX fw8fp 0132Z
DX de W4ADJ 18151.0 3BH9FR LOUD! 0230Z
DX Cluster 101 DX Cluster 101

What will you find on this web site? That varies frequently and depends on what kind of mood I'm in. You'll find some opinions I have about different things related to amateur radio (most of which have been proven to offend a lot of people over the years). You'll find a little bit of technical information, which may or may not help you with what you are trying to accomplish with ham radio. You'll find a few pictures, including one from the webcam in my "shack" which is like most web cams on the Internet - sometimes it's on, but most times it's not.

There are usually a few ham radio items listed on my for sale page, as I sort out my ham shack after moving to Florida. They're for sale because I'm slowly phasing out the ham radio part of my life and I don't need them any more. You'll find some software that I have written, some of which is free and some of which is for sale. Why is some free and some for sale? Because I've long since figured out that when things are free, everybody wants some, whether they need it or not, and I don't have time to support everybody any more. You'll find the latest WWV numbers and the current Amelia Island weather conditions at the top of each page (when WWVBot and WXBot, two software robots, are working).

For you post card collectors: NO, I'm not in Guam anymore. I'm in Florida. I feel much better now that I got that off my chest. Irregardless of what it says on the DX cluster, I'm not trying to fool anybody in Europe into thinking I am still in Guam. So if the only reason you're here is to figure out how to get a Guam QSL, no problem. If you worked me when I was in Guam, use the log search above to find the QSO, and then make yourself a QSL. Click HERE for detailed QSL info.

Why do I still have KH2D for a call sign even though I'm not in Guam? Because the FCC says I can still have it, and it's on my license plates (front one says KH2D, a Guam plate, and back one says KH2D, a Florida plate). It's not a vanity call, it's the one the computer spit out for me years ago, and I figure if a few thousand JA's who live in Tokyo can have KH2 and KH0 and KH7 calls, then I'm entitled to keep mine too.

If you did contact me on the radio while I was in Guam, from 1985 until early 2001, then you can still get a post card. You can either send your request to me at my current address, or you can send it to my excellent QSL manager, Ted, K8NA. If you are in a hurry for a post card, I'd suggest you send your request to K8NA because he answers them much faster than I do. Post cards are not one of my primary interests in life. Use the Log Search above for instant eQSL's. Click HERE for detailed QSL info.

If you see something here you don't like
, and I'm sure if you're like most hams, you will, you can just click the "Complaints" link on most pages to email your emotions to the complaint department here at KH2D.net. Thanks for visiting and have fun.

My other hobby is fishing. Matter of fact, since I moved to Florida and live in a subdivision with Ken & Barbie, I do a lot more fishing than I do ham radio. Thankfully, fishing doesn't depend on sun spots. My Amelia Island fishing web site will give you the details.

Legal & Privacy Information: This web site is here because I made it. If you want to use it, that's fine. If it doesn't work right and you tell me about it, I'll try to fix it. If I can't fix it, oh well. Nobody is perfect. This web site collects no personal information about the users other than normal web server logs. Some pages may attempt to give you a cookie. If you are afraid of cookies, don't take them. Won't hurt, the page just won't work right. If you send a KH2D eQSL to a friend, you will be asked for your email address. We don't save email addresses, but if you're worried about it, don't send eQSL's.

This web site was designed to look OK on my computer. I use Microsoft's Internet Exploder. I've tried really hard to make things look right with NetScrape too, but NetScrape is such a piece of crap that's virtually impossible to do. Hopefully, if you're using Internet Exploder or NetScrape, it will look OK on your computer too. If it doesn't, then I'd suggest you get a computer like the one I have. If you are using AOL, I'd suggest you get real. If you're using WebTV, I'd suggest you seek psychiatric help immediately.

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Sunday - April 20, 2014 - Amateur Radio at the Beach - Amelia Island - KH2D.net
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